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29th-Mar-2010 05:07 pm - Dong @ Andy James Guitar Solo Contest
levan gnam
Just click on youtube link below and rate the video. He needs a 5 star rating to get some cool guitar. And you know, listen to him is a very very very good way to waste your time!!!

This is the message that he wrote on his FB:

"I'm entered into the Andy James Guitar Solo Contest!!!

Please friends, help rate 5 stars on the link so I can try to win some guitars! The other guys are amazing players, but I'm quite sure I've got more supportive friends as leverage :P

The link below will take u to the contest video where u can help rate my video!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03JjIplZzxw "
28th-Jan-2010 02:10 pm - LAST GIG IN SINGAPORE
levan gnam

from a Levan's facebook note

DATE: 12th FEB, FRIDAY, 7-10PM @ Blackhole, near Arab Street
INFO: 5 other acts performing! Including FOR BETTER ENDINGS, FOR THIS CYCLE, VERMILLION and more!
Just $6 bucks for 4 hours of grand slam moshing fun! You can't ask for a better bargain!

Levan's message is very nice, you should read it!!!
I wish him a bunch of luck, dreams and good sex in his new life outside Singapore :P

PS: It seems that Dong will sing for Astroninja, after Levan's departure
4th-Dec-2009 11:24 pm - Happy Birhtday!!!
levan gnam

Best wishes to our dear Levan ^O^
I know this is a very poor and pinkish present, but it's form the bottom of our rockin' hearts ♥
Happy birthday again from all the ninjas of livejournal ^_^
19th-Oct-2009 01:31 pm - Finally, we have a winner!
First of all: thank you from the bottom of our little hearts!
And the winner is...Collapse )
13th-Oct-2009 01:58 pm - And the winner is....
No one.

First of all, I'm sorry for this delay, but I'm sick, so I didn't have enough strenght to write a post.
I'm really grateful to those who voted in this contest [[info]kisamehada (thank you dear!!!) and I] but I'm also really sorry for this. We have 17 members and only 2 voted. It's really sad....Are you really ninjas???
As you can imagine there is nip and tuck. So laopa_muimi and I decided to make a public post, so that anyone can vote, even those who didn't join this community and those who have an open ID (didn't have a lj account).
The end of the contest will be Sunday 18th october.
Please, vote!!

Vote...Collapse )

levan gnam

Astroninja's "The bukakke udon song" is nominated for SONG OF THE YEAR!!!!

Ninjafan unite!!!!! VOTE for them!
It's not difficult!
It doesn't make you sweat!

You just have to click THIS LINKand vote for Astroninja.
I know it could be a hard work for you, but you can use only one finger U_U

And remember to vote for the banner contest. Dead line is 11th October. Are you shy or you can't write a number?? O_o It's just a number, you know? 3 seconds of your ninjaous life!!!
28th-Sep-2009 09:32 pm - my banner for the contest

I'm baka you know?! u__u
I forgot to upload somewhere my banner!! X°DDDD

*please wait...you have to wait, you know?!*

OKEEEEEI!!! *^0^*  Here it is!! u___uV

format: .jpg
size: 480 x 250 px
credits/disclaimers: astroninja's cd XD

and a smaller version:

format: .jpg
size: 325 x 170 px
credits/disclaimers: astroninja's cd XD

28th-Sep-2009 05:43 pm - My banner for the first contest
levan gnam

I'm the first one (and I hope I won't be the ONLY one...though I've a bad feeling ^^')
Here you are my promo banners


format: .jpg
size: 200 x 95 px
credits/disclaimers: I don't own Bobby. Brush of hinterhuss


format: .png
size: 250 x 100 px
credits/disclaimers: I don't own Astroninja (isn't obvious? XD). Brush of hinterhuss

HEY FELLOWs! are you alive???
28th-Sep-2009 02:16 pm - Dong new video
levan gnam

Help Dong now! 

If he manages to get 10.000 views on youtube, his friend will buy hime a new cool guitar!
So click! click! click!

23rd-Sep-2009 11:12 pm - Fanpage and news
levan gnam
There is a new fanpage for Levan @ Facebook
Be sure to join (^_-)b


And, as said in his info page "Levan will also be going to Melbourne next year to pursue his Degree in Media and Communications"
So, if I remember where is Melbourne, Levan is going to Australia soon!!

Good luck and take care ^_^

PS: to all kissmyninjas, remember that the graphic contest will end in a week. I'm working on my banners, so kick your ninja ass and post yours too ;P
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