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AstRONINja ~ninjalicious~
Vote Astroninja for "song of the year" 
5th-Oct-2009 07:24 pm
levan gnam

Astroninja's "The bukakke udon song" is nominated for SONG OF THE YEAR!!!!

Ninjafan unite!!!!! VOTE for them!
It's not difficult!
It doesn't make you sweat!

You just have to click THIS LINKand vote for Astroninja.
I know it could be a hard work for you, but you can use only one finger U_U

And remember to vote for the banner contest. Dead line is 11th October. Are you shy or you can't write a number?? O_o It's just a number, you know? 3 seconds of your ninjaous life!!!
6th-Oct-2009 10:51 am (UTC)
done! ^.^b
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